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Classified Ads

Classified Ads Features

The Classified Ads allows users to Post or Remove their ads with password control.

An admin script allows  'administrators only'  to delete all  ' department'   ads together by date.  In addition,  it deletes any ad or ads individually,  sequenced by date,  or by author in any selected  'department'.

Classified Ads allows you to open up your own classified ads service on the Internet, and offer users to read and post classified ads.

You can have an unlimited amount of different departments for as many ads as you like.

Server Requirements

These are standard,  and almost every ISP & hosting company is setup this way:

  • You need to be allowed to run CGI scripts on your web site.
  • If on a Unix server,  Perl 5 and a SMPT mail program such as sendmail should be installed.
  • If on an NT server,  Perl 5 and a SMTP mail program such as sendmail,  blat,  or imail should be installed.

Design Elements You Control

These are easily setup in the Classified Ad configure file.

  • Configure site in one confige file.
      (Setup, Passwords, HTML pages, Advertising, Footer, etc.)
  • Complete control in Perl CGI
  • View Ads with two clicks of your mouse.
  • View Ads utilising a search engine.
  • Post and Delete Ads utilising password control.
  • Several pages automatically created for maximun control.
      (ViewAds, NewAds, Renew Ads, Prices, Advertising, Remove, AdminPage.)
  • Create as many different departments as required (umlimited).
  • Automatically Creates new department pages you designate.
  • Administrative password control.
  • Several remove methods for Admin.
  • Customer remove method; password, name, and email control.
  • File Locking for security .

Installing Classified Ads

Installation is simple! Upload the images into the images directory, any existing department html files into the ads directory, and the the cgi files into your web site's cgi directory. This is the complete Classified Ads Program. The CFG file are the only files that require editing. You do not have to know any programming! Our instructions walk you through the simple steps, and it should take only about 30 to 45 minutes at the most to configure your Classified Ads.

If you absolutely don't want to fool with any of this, we will configure and install the files for you for $50.00 per hour. (We will also create your html department pages for you.) However, we will need access to your FTP site.

Ordering your Classified Ad

Go to the Order form and get immediate download of your Classified Ad program once payment is received.

Download your copy now!

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