4 Reasons to plan your funeral ahead of time

Death is the only absolute certainty that every individual has during the course of life. At first glance the idea of planning your funeral in advance may seem scary, but it is actually one of the most sensible ideas you can apply to your life. You deserve to have a mortuary ceremony that you planned to say goodbye to life in your own way. By doing so, you will feel at peace in the plane where your soul is.

Here are 4 reasons to plan your funeral in advance.

1-Easing the pain of your loved ones

When you cease to exist on this earthly plane and rise to the spiritual plane, your loved ones will be deeply saddened by your departure. They are in no state of mind to organize your funeral. You should be encouraged to arrange your funeral and all aspects of the mortuary ceremony that you want to carry out after you are gone. Let your family and friends live their grief in peace.

2-Financial Security

Make the decision to pay for your funeral in advance because that decision will bring you valuable benefits. If you plan all the mortuary details regarding your departure from this lifetime, your family will not have to spend money on your funeral. Keep in mind that you may die and your family may not have enough money to pay for your funeral. Avoid that bad moment and pay for your funeral in advance.

3-Eliminate the fear of death

Although it may seem hard to believe, planning your funeral in advance familiarizes you with death and definitively eliminates the fear of this irreversible event. Not being afraid of death generates peace and inner strength, which enhances your love of life. Taking care of all the mortuary details concerning your funeral will make you perceive death as what it really is, a natural fact inherent to our existence.

4-Saying goodbye to this lifetime your way

You have always worked to structure your life according to your personal ideas. Your funeral should have all the mortuary details that you planned while you were alive. You should say goodbye to this lifetime according to your criteria because your death is also part of your existence. Say goodbye to your loved ones in the best way, organizing a funeral according to your expectations. You will be remembered in the best way. Your funeral should reflect your individual essence and that can only be achieved with advance planning.