How Does California Hard Money Direct Work?

Loan officers in hard money direct lending companies will help you find the best options for your situation. The company is the “borrower”. Nowadays, most lenders are not banks but rather brokerages that lend their capital with little or no recourse to the borrower.

The borrower has to apply directly to a lender and usually does so by completing a form online submitted through an automated system, which then gets passed off to various “lenders” who ferry out success rates and other information about each option.

At, it is much the same, but with a new twist.

How Does a Hard Money Direct Loan Work?

When you get a loan offer from, the lender contacts you and asks for more details about your property and your project. It then matches what you say to the available loan options on their website, or through a broker or other service.

Once it has an offer, it will let you know the terms, as well as when and how to pay. In most cases, you’ll send your payment via electronic transfer or check.

Making your payment on time is vital. The lender’s deadline for receiving your payments is the same day that they receive them. If you have any problems, the company will work with you so that you can make your payments promptly.

What Happens at Closing?

In closing, will review the terms of your loan and help you understand everything that you need to do.

If you are buying a home, the lender will review your financial information with you.

If you are refinancing, it will help you understand the terms used in the closing process to ensure that everything is clear.

In either case, has found that it is important for borrowers to understand how a loan works and why something costs what it does. It helps alleviate any misunderstandings or confusion about the process and gives both parties confidence that everyone involved knows what is going on.

How Do You Choose a Hard Money Direct Lender?

You might choose your lender based on the type of product that it offers or based on its experience in the hard money loan business.

The best way to get started is to visit and submit your information there. That will give you an idea of the options available to you, but there are other ways as well.

Since the company isn’t lending money, that means that it has no risk or exposure to any problems like a “complex” loan. There is no credit check and no need for the typical lender paperwork. Nothing is put on paper except the actual deal itself.

All that happens in is completed by emailing back and forth, and you are expected to provide more information as needed.


The best way to get a hard money loan is, to be honest about your situation and the property you are trying to buy or renovate. It is also important to be clear about your payment expectations and have the financial information at hand when you start talking with lenders. At, you can count on honest service from an experienced company that has been helping hard money loans for many years.