How Does Lemon Law Work?

The California lemon law safeguards the rights and interests of consumers who purchase faulty vehicles from manufacturers or dealerships. Buyers can seek compensation for the expenses incurred. The manufacturer has to repair the vehicle based on the original manufacturer warranty. If it is not done, they must refund the vehicle cost or replace it with a new one to the buyer. The lemon law applies to new, used, or leased vehicles.

How long does the lemon law safeguard consumers?

The Lemon law stays valid throughout the maker’s original warranty period. When it comes to arbitration filing, manufacturers extend the filing period to 6-months after the warranty expiration date. They are permitted to make a reasonable number of repair attempts. The exact number of attempts will be decided on the unique circumstances of each case. Generally speaking, two repair attempts are allowed before enforcing the lemon law.

When is my vehicle deemed a lemon?

If the vehicle you bought has a defect that significantly weakens or damages its safety, value, or use, your vehicle is deemed as a lemon. As discussed above, the dealership or manufacturer has failed to restore the original functionality and safety after two attempts; you will qualify for replacement or compensation.

If the vehicle has been in the shop for a month or higher for repairs, you will qualify to receive the benefits under the lemon law. This law does not cover damages or defects due to unauthorized use.

What to do if the dealer or manufacturer is not willing for compensation?

The dealership is not the one who is responsible for the warranty. You must contact the manufacturer for a replacement or refund. As a buyer, you should give the manufacturer adequate time and opportunity to repair the vehicle. If they are not willing to accept your arguments, you can file for arbitration.

Professional expertise is advisable when you file for arbitration. Legal matters can be highly complex for the uninitiated. You can contact to receive authentic and reliable information on lemon law and expert legal assistance.

What to do if arbitration does not meet your expectations? If your vehicle is still under the manufacturer’s original warranty, the manufacture may make a few more repair attempts. If these attempts fail, you can re-file for arbitration. When it comes to filing for re-arbitration, you must consult with law experts. It is always advisable to seek the help of an experienced attorney who specializes in lemon law to explore the best options available for you.