The Who’s Who of Dog Walkers in LA

Are you looking for the best business for dog walking in Los Angeles? Nice to meet you! We’re Puparazzi LA: luxurious doggy day care and dog walkers to the stars.

We know how our dogs are more than just pets: they’re part of our family. And being family means looking out for each other’s best interests. What better way to do that than to collaborate with our trained dog chauffeurs!

It’s simple: your pooch gets spoiled on routine walks around the coolest spots in your digs. Then, you get spoiled by having a little less to cram in your day (and peace of mind knowing your pup can get as much outside time he could possibly dream of).

Where All Dogs Are VIPs

Our knowledgeable and friendly dog chauffeurs are what set Puparazzi apart from the rest. Like a celeb’s bodyguard, we always have your pup’s safety in mind. We only follow the routes you designate and exercise the utmost safety precautions regarding cars, crosswalks, and pooches in the neighborhood. Our chauffeurs develop close bonds with their clients, ensuring that your pup has an enjoyable and carefree adventure. We have experience with all breed and personality types of dogs. We’ll meet with you to discuss special considerations about your furry friend and how we can best serve you!

Keeping Fido Happy and Healthy

There’s plenty of reasons why you might want to hire a dog walker. Some people work unpredictable schedules, and want to ensure a good routine for their pup. Others may already walk their dog as needed, but would like to keep their friend company while they’re away at work.

Whatever your reason is, we’ll work together to improve your pet’s health and overall outlook. Daily walks are a fantastic way to keep your dog’s heart healthy, and to burn up some of that excess puppy energy.

Your pup will relish the opportunity to get outdoors, stretch his legs, and use the bathroom–so you two can get back to what matters most: bonding and playtime!

Hot Dog Summer 2022

Is your pet struggling with behavioral issues? In addition to seeking out proper vet care, consider the benefits of a regular walking routine. Walking outside has numerous benefits for humans, so it makes sense that it would help canines, too!

Going for a good walk can help release some of that excess energy and stimulate your pup’s mind. Spending some time with another human can help your pup build confidence and ease separation anxiety.

Finally, if dogs could only speak, we could ask them how many walks they’d like to go for in a day… and their answer would probably be “all of the walks!”

Unfortunately, us humans just can’t keep up with our furry friends. We have to put food on the table, after all. But at Puparazzi, we can make your dog’s dream a reality! Contact us today to learn how you can give your dog the VIP treatment he deserves!